Huver is a Los Angeles-based drone transportation service, bringing newfound technology to the community with the ability to take people where they need to go in a fraction of the time. James Taisei and I created their identity along with posters and a mobile app.

brand identity, illustration, motion

With drone travel, there are no turns or traffic. Everyone’s travel path is a straight shot from point A to point B. We wanted to highlight this aspect throughout Huver’s marks and icons. Utilizing the friendly, approachable, rounded motif of the brand, we made these icons that could be used in something as small as a mobile app, to something as large as a billboard. We started with the A to B connection of a filled and empty circle, like with the crossbar of the H, as the jumping off point for the visual language and icons.

In this future with drone travel being possible, we wanted to highlight this aspect of technological advances — so instead of the traditional printed media route, Huver is meant to utilize purely digital media. We figured on these digital billboards, as the time of day changed from day, to sunset, to night — so could the color palette.